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Lingman Lake Gold Project

Signature's primary Exploration focus in on the growth of its Lingman Lake Gold discovery currently contained within an approximate 700m EW x 300m NS x 180m depth area starting at surface and open in all directions. In 2023, Signature's geologic consultant, Watts, Griffin, McOuat ("WGM") developed a new geologic model based on the most recent drilling activity which confirmed prior evaluation work conducted by the Company. In 2024, WGM updated this geologic model incorporating historic drilling completed in the 1980's which further expanded the high-grade mineralization zones as well as identifying moderate grade mineralization (>2g/t and <5g/t) that had not been a focus of past efforts despite being less than 200 metres from surface. This updated model has provided a more data rich package in which to identify areas of interest and has allowed us to design an efficient 2024 drill program. The program is designed to cover 5,000m and will be fully assayed thoughout each hole giving us a much richer data package about the mineralization contained in the envelope around the mineralized zones. Prior drilling has not undertaken such extensive assaying of the property and this increased data will be very beneficial to our geologic modeling. With the completion of the 2024 drill program, the Company will be able to advance our objective of compiling and publishing an initial NI 43-101 resource estimate. It is contemplated that the resource could be completed in early 2025. With the completion of the initial resource the Company will be able focus on further extension and infill drilling to continue advancing the resource as well as reviewing potential targets on the large regional package.


The property is situated in the Lingman Lake Greenstone belt consisting of a complexly folded assemblage, of mafic metavolcanics, felsic metavolcanics and metasedimentary rocks. The assemblage is in intrusive contact with marginal granitic rocks and internally intruded by various intrusive rocks.

High-grade gold mineralization historically modelled at the Lingman Lake mine occurs in multiple zones which are structurally controlled by sub-parallel shears. Within these zones, the most favorable host rocks are mafic volcanics that have been silicified and carbonatized and occur in proximity to feldspar ± quartz bodies that are up to 91-metres wide.

The recently updated geologic model has provided an improved understanding the Lingman Lake property suggesting the gold discovery at Lingman Lake is more widespread than historically contemplated and modelled. Historic gold exploration and mining emphasis throughout Ontario and Lingman Lake was focused on small, high-grade, near-surface deposits. Modern gold exploration and geologic modelling exercises a much broader approach to discover and define more extensive gold mineralization. The pending resource work and subsequent targeted follow-up drilling will continue to advance the geologic model with focus on resource expansion and definition.

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